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engies IoTSense progress monitoring on tablet
engies IoTSense order analysis on fixed screen display

Engies IoTSense Machine Monitoring - Unleash the Potential of Connected Products and Services

Engies IoTSense is an Industry 4.0 System offering you all four layers of IIoT: Sensing Devices, Communication Infrastructure, Secure Data Management System, and a flexible Application Layer that helps you unlease the potential of your connected products and services.

Straight out of the box, engies IoTSense offers you Total Production Maintenance (TPM) machine monitoring tools that allow you to measure your equipment performance (OEE), improve your asset availability, monitor your machines and help you quickly locate bottlenecks in your manufacturing plant. This rapidly improves your factory's operational efficiency, immediately allowing you to recover far beyond your investment from the first day you have engies IoTSense operational.

Once you have IoTSense up and running, you've taken your first step in the new Outcome Economy. Connect it to other systems and start to progress through the creation of new products and services. Are you ready for the Autonomous Pull Economy? At engies we believe you could be. Learn more about our system here, or try it by requesting a free demo.

Tailormade to your requirements
Our Machine Monitoring System is designed with SME manufacturing companies in mind. Whether you are producing small, medium, or large size batches; as manufacturer of plastic or aluminum injection mouldings, extrusion, closed die forging, lost wax casting, CNC machining, you can now improve the effectiveness of your assets.

Engies IoTSense will help you drive improvement by providing a better understanding of your manufacturing losses. It helps you to reduce complex production problems into simple, accessible information, and it allows you to make the right decisions to improve efficiency and reduce operating expenses. As we understand SME, engies IoTSense will provide you flexibility, support and tailoring of our products towards your companies specific needs.

IoTSense features
Connect as many machines as you want and even connect geographically spread production plants, with virtually unlimited user licences and displays you can hang everywhere, supporting both fixed screen and mobile devices, our multi-language machine monitoring system gives you real global control of your manufacturing capabilities. Now you can optimize your business regardless of where you are. Learn more about our system here, or try it by requesting a free demo.

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