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Read below on how IoTSense can help you run your plant more effectively on OEE machine monitoring via our contactform to learn more about the concepts of machine monitoring, TEEP, OOE, OEE and IIoT:

Measure your Manufacturing Productivity
To give you insight in the true capacity of your manufacturing operations, IoTSense calculates and displays TEEP, OOE, and OEE in real time.
TEEP, OOE and OEE are calculated by multiplying the factors availability, performance, and quality. TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance), OOE (Overall Operations Effectiveness) and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) are performance metrics part of TPE (Total Production Maintenance). IoTSense uses double gauges to display both the overall performance and the performance over the last 24 hours allowing you to quickly see the effect of an improvement made. Now you can iteratively start optimizing your equipment losses and schedule losses, and improve the effectiveness of your plant.

Connect & Communicate
Connect your machines to other machines with ease. How about notifying your palletizer about an upcoming batch of products? Send a signal to your automated warehouse to prepare a new mould or jig for the next upcoming order? With engies IoTSense, it's all possible in the Industry 4.0 way! IoTSense let's your connected machines talk to other machines via MQTT, send a trigger to another machine via the IFTTT Maker Channel, connect to the LoRaWAN network through The Things Network or chat to other machines using Telegram Bots.

Get notified on the status of your orders
With dashboards placed at strategic locations throughout your factory, the status of your machines is visible for all personnel involved. Traffic light style indicators show to status of every machine connected. Next to that it shows the current order running, the percentage completed and the next order lined up to be executed. The dashboard can also be viewed from your tablet or smart phone, allowing you to check your equipment performance from every location. You can even set-up your own Telegram Bot and IoTSense will notify you on your smart phone on orders status, machine failures and reject.

Schedule and reschedule your orders with maximum flexibility
With engies IoTSense you can now prepare and line up orders in advance to minimize change over time at the machines. You can temporary stop orders, restart orders, switch over machines on running orders, and revise quantities to be manufactured on running orders.

Expand as you like
• Add machines as you want, the amount of machines you can add is limited by your plant size only,
• Add manufacturing plants as and where you want, borders will no longer hold you back,
• Add displays with traffic like dashboard where ever you want,
• Add users as you want. IoTSense comes with predefined roles of operator, planner, and administrator.

Analyze your orders
Display the performance of your orders in real time, show the status of machines on dashboard screens by traffic lights. Compare the performance of repeat orders, compare the performance of repeat usage of tooling, visualize performance of machines over time, export performance data of orders and machines to XLS, export lists of orders and machines to XLS, now it's all possible.
Availability of a full history of all orders, start, stops, cycle times, faults, rejects, etc. with easy export to XLS files ensures that you can now perform post order analyzis using all that information readily available, compare with previous orders, and set actions to improve the performance of your equipment. All planned stops and rejects can be commented by your operators, ready to be used for non-conformancy analyzes as you require.

Synchronize with your ERP system
You can synchronize the machine monitoring system with your ERP system through our tailored XLS, JSON, or XML interfaces. Of course it is also possible to run IoTSense in a stand-alone mode: You can enter and manage your orders directly in IoTSense.

Cloud or On-Premise
If you have less machines than 10 machines to connect and have limited in-house IT support, you will find the cloud solution more cost-effective compared to the on-premise solution. The software runs on engies maintained servers in the Netherlands. You will receive the necessary IIoT hardware on loan from us for the duration of your contract, you can rent additional IIoT hardware from us as your company grows or add your own. If you have more than 10 machines to connect, your own in-house IT, or just want to stay in full control of your systems, you can opt for our on-premise solution. In this case, the software runs on your own local servers on your premises. You will invest in the IIoT hardware, which will then become your property. A though decision to make. Of course we are more than willing to assist you in making the best possible choice for you. Please contact us, where ever you are located, we’re only one email away.
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